‘Stranger Sings’

Waterloo Vaults Theatre, London

★★★★★ – Broadway World
★★★★★ – Reviews Hub
★★★★★ – North West End
★★★★★ – Lost In Theatreland
★★★★ – The Upcoming
★★★★ – One Show More
★★★★ – Mica Blackwell
★★★★ – Sardines Magazine
★★★★ – Everything Theatre

‘From the moment you arrive, The Vaults is embellished with as many nods to the show as possible. Set designer Justin Williams has done a tremendous job at strategically placing iconic objects from the Stranger Things universe. There is an undeniable authenticity to the world created, from precariously fixed Christmas lights to discarded Eggos.

Adding to this visual tribute are Clancy Flynn’s triumphant lighting and Daffyd Gough’s sound design. Just when you think you’re safe at the end of a dance number, the stage floods red and the guttural roars of the Demogorgon send a shudder down your spine.’

Broadway World

‘The set design by Justin Williams is absolutely perfect.’

Everything Theatre

‘There isn’t even one small part of this show that needs any tweaks or improvements, every single aspect is absolutely fantastic.’

Reviews Hub